About Us

Imagine this...

It's early in the morning. You're not entirely awake yet. You half tiptoe, half stumble to the kitchen. As you open the cupboard quietly, you reach for your bag of Positive Vibe Coffee Co. and read the name. 

That name means something.

It's there to remind you of something you once knew. You matter. 

At Positive Vibe Coffee Co., LLC, we believe that you matter. You make a difference. You're enough. We want you to read the names of each coffee every morning so that your day will start off with more positive vibes than you've had in the past. 

Little practices like repeating a positive "I Am" statement every morning is what creates a happier outlook and more fulfilled life.

Oh yeah! And, it's absolutely delicious coffee! 

Thank you for supporting our woman owned small business. In case no one told you yet today, you're truly appreciated!

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Hey! I'm Tonya, Founder of Positive Vibe Coffee Co, LLC. I can't begin tell you how excited I am to have you as part of our Positive Vibe Fam!

I'd love to get to know you through our Facebook community where you can be part of helping us make decisions as we grow. We have polls on names, coffees, colors....you get the idea. This community helped us build what you see today. Come join us!

P.S. If you're ready to create more positivity and confidence in your life, consider life coaching with me. Learn more about my book, podcast, and coaching services at theheartofconfidence.com