Shipping Policy

Thank you for choosing Positive Vibe Coffee Co, LLC! We take pride in offering you a unique and exceptional experience with our 100% custom products and freshly roasted coffee. Please take a moment to review our shipping policy to understand how we handle the shipping process.

Order Processing and Creation

  • Each order placed with us is a 100% custom product that is created after the order is received. This includes the printing of labels and the roasting of coffee.
  • Our coffee is batched and roasted to order every day to ensure that you receive the freshest and most flavorful coffee possible.
  • Once an order has been fulfilled and the roasting process has begun, modifications cannot be made to the order.

Shipping Methods

  • We prioritize providing you with the best shipping experience for your unique order. The shipping package and method are chosen based on what is best suited for your package.
  • For orders of 1-12oz packages, we ship via USPS First-Class.
  • Orders containing 2-8 packages are shipped via USPS Priority Mail (flat rate or regional).
  • Orders of 9 or more packages are shipped via UPS Ground.
  • Expedited shipping options are not available, as our focus is on delivering coffee that is at its peak flavor upon arrival.

Estimated Timelines

  • The order-to-ship time typically takes a minimum of 3 business days, as each order is roast-to-order.
  • Shipping times can vary, but in general, it takes 2-5 business days for packages to arrive from the date of pickup.
  • Actual shipping times may be longer during holiday seasons.
  • Please note that the total time to delivery is influenced by both processing time and the day the order is placed, in addition to the shipping time.

Delivery Expectations

  • We are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality coffee for our customers. Fast shipping often means that coffee has been roasted well in advance and is sitting on shelves, losing its freshness and flavor.
  • At Positive Vibe Coffee Co, LLC, we prioritize the superior flavor experience that only freshly roasted coffee can provide. Each order is roasted to perfection after it's received, ensuring that you receive the finest coffee possible.

Shipping Carriers

  • All orders are shipped using USPS or UPS, depending on the shipping method that best suits your order.

Thank you for choosing Positive Vibe Coffee Co, LLC for your coffee needs.